Why subscribe?

Everything happens so much.

I started thinking about starting a newsletter a little while ago after noticing just how much of my time was spent on social media.

The real reason that I was spending time on social media was a feeling of wanting to connect with a wider group of people who like to talk about similar things to me: books, information, the way the world is changing, why people behave the way that they do.

What was actually happening was an increasing disconnect from everyone.

My theory is: you probably feel it too.

And that’s why you should subscribe. I’m trying to create a way to connect to interesting people who want to have a conversation about interesting things.

What’s the format here?

In each newsletter, I’ll share some insight from the books I’ve been reading. I’ll share my highlights from those and write a short intro as to why I think those were interesting.

Occasionally, I’ll also share some interesting things that aren’t books.

That’s all!

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